One Visit Technology

One Visit Dentistry Technology

We know that there can be obstacles to treatment: limited time off of work or away from family, long drives for those who live outside Albuquerque, or even dental anxiety. Our solution is one-visit dentistry. Procedures that traditionally require two or more appointments are now able to be completed in a single appointment – which frees up time in your schedule.

Omnicam (Digital Scanner)

Our Omnicam is a camera that is small enough to fit into your mouth and allows us to take photos of your teeth. Capturing these photos is how we take a digital impression. We can then create three-dimensional models of your teeth and design your restoration in the office, while you are relaxing in the chair. When images are taken instead of using dental materials, time is saved and accuracy is improved.

CEREC (Milling Unit)

After your restoration has been designed, a block is loaded into a CAD-CAM machine that will then be cut into the precise dimensions that we have specified. This machine, or milling unit, has a small window where you can view your actual restoration being made. Next, the restoration is cleaned, polished, glazed and crystallized in a firing oven and when complete, will look shiny and beautiful.