One Visit Dentistry

One Visit Dentistry

We know that there can be obstacles to treatment: limited time off of work or away from family, long drives for those who live outside Albuquerque, or even dental anxiety. Our solution is one-visit dentistry. Procedures that traditionally require two or more appointments are now able to be completed in a single appointment – which frees up time in your schedule.


A crown is similar to a “cap” that fits around your tooth on all sides. The tooth must be trimmed approximately 1-1.5mm to make room for the crown to fit within your bite. A digital impression is made by taking pictures of your teeth, and the crown is then fabricated in-office while you relax and read a magazine.


A veneer is similar to a crown, except that less tooth structure is being covered – usually just the front surface. A veneer can cover a discolored tooth, close a gap or reshape a tooth that is too small. We use the same digital technology as for crowns, and can make the veneer in the office while you wait.


When you are missing a tooth, there are several options to replace it. Our doctors can review with you what those options are and discuss the benefits and limitations of each, and help you decide which treatment is best. A bridge provides an artificial tooth, a ‘pontic’, by anchoring on to two neighboring teeth. These neighboring teeth must be trimmed in a fashion similar to a crown, and the bridge is cemented in place – making it a fixed solution, and not something removable.


When a tooth requires a crown, but there is at least one good wall of tooth structure, it may be better and more conservative to restore the tooth with an inlay or onlay. An inlay or onlay is an alternative to a crown where less tooth structure is trimmed way, and only a part of the tooth is covered. Again, our doctors can review with you if this treatment is best for your condition.